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Hublot was originally founded by Carlo Crocco who had a strong watchmaking background. He was a visionary and had an innovative mind. His family was based in Italy and had a history of practicing watchmaking. For example, his uncle founded the Italian watch company "Binda". Binda created many best-selling watch models in Italy during its' time. This is where Carlo got his inspiration from.

Hublot is known for its unique signature motif which can be described as “fusion”. Hublot is one of the world’s most innovative brands who created their own patented straps, designs and materials. The unusual use of rare metals and material allow Hublot to create outstandingly comfortable, functional and at the same time stylish timepieces. Hublot engineers new innovative materials such as the signature “King Gold” alloy.

Hublot quickly gained popularity and customer’s support all over the world. Nowadays, Hublot watches are worn and appreciated by the representatives of the royal families, celebrities, athletes, musicians and artists.

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