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Omega is a luxury Swiss brand, which managed to surprise its admirers with its revolutionary breakthroughs over the decades. Omega is considered to be one of the world’s best known watch brands, which is not only changed the wristwatch industry, but also created history.

High-end luxury chronograph watches and dive watches became the two main production lines and as a result, Omega became even more popular. Two iconic watch models which define the brand identity, are the Seamaster and the Speedmaster.

Nowadays, watch enthusiasts all around the world are familiar with this brand. Omega is one of the forefront names in the luxury wristwatch industry.

With enviable design, Omega watches have not only been to the moon and back, but also delightfully executed in style and feature amazing accuracy and precision.

Back in the 1960s, NASA was searching for the most reliable “equipment” watch for the Gemini and Apollo programs. These were the series of spaceflights which led to the first man landing on the moon. The Omega’s Speedmaster became the only wristwatch which survived NASA tests, respectively becoming the first watch appearing in the space and on the moon, now known as the “Moon watch”.

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